Shank 2 Mac and Linux OS Beta.

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– Currently, we are just in the final beta testing stage to ensure that the Multiplayer and Steam functionality for the Mac and Linux versions are all working without issue.

Anyone who currently owns the PC version of Shank 2, or received a Steam Key in the latest Humble Indie Bundle 7 is invited to join the Beta, and access the Linux and Mac versions before their final Steam release.

For full details on the Beta, bug reporting and discussion – head over to our Shank 2 Beta Forum Post.

Shank 1 Upgraded! Now Available on Mac OSX

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Along with new features and improvements, the critically-acclaimed 2D sidescroller is now on the Mac App Store! Don’t forget to rate the game, that really helps us out!

✮✮✮ We’re launching Shank in the Mac App Store at 70% off – limited time! ✮✮✮

Improvements and New Features

Since we first launched the game, we’ve been reading through reviews and player feedback. In this newly upgraded version we’ve taken the most frequent requests and implemented some new features and fixes.

  • Controls have been vastly improved for responsiveness
  • Players can now shoot directly up and directly down
  • Players can use the R-Stick to dodge
  • Players now pick up with a different key than attack (down+grapple)
  • Cutscenes have been updated (tighter edits & some improved animations)
  • Improved audio during cinematics
  • Small bug fixes

Check out the OSX announcement time-lapse trailer below!

The Shank Comic has arrived!



We’ve finished the Shank comic, and now we’re releasing it for free!

People have consistently asked us about making a comic, so we figured — what the heck — let’s just make one! Featuring art by Jeff Agala and Vangelis Christou, the Shank comic is a brief bridge between Shank 1 and 2. Part of the fun of being independent and owning our own properties is we can do whatever we want with it.

So, go ahead and download the digital version for free! You have 2 choices:


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We couldn’t not do something for valentines, could we? Here’s a quick sketch from Jeff — you can grab the full size 1920×1080 image here.

Cesar is back



Introducing the Cesar costume!

And the next costume for Shank 2 Survival Mode is Cesar, as he returns for an encore! Hit the jump to view his stats and grab your wallpaper.

Cesar is the glass cannon of the crowd. Finesse and precision is key.

Xbox 360 streaming


Hey everyone — we’re currently tracking an issue where, on some specific 360 storage devices, the fast moving portions of the game can’t quite keep up. This makes one sequence especially difficult as you’re getting chased by a boulder. We’re trying to reproduce the issue here, but to be perfectly clear, even if we had a patch done today, it would still take weeks for it to go through Microsoft approvals to actually go public. This is one of the curses of being an independent developer on consoles, but that discussion is for another day.

The best thing you can do to resolve this problem is to install Shank 2 onto a USB stick — a few users have reported that this resolves their problem completely. I’ve been racking my head trying to find more workarounds. One thing I’ve done is create a video to show you the exact jumps and timing so you can get through it without the textures. Another alternative is to press pause mid jump to allow the game to catch up. The chase lasts around 15 seconds if you can get through it, and is definitely the most problematic portion of the game.

Again, we apologize that this issue is occurring! Thanks so much for supporting our game, and I really appreciate the patience the community has shown. You guys rock.

Shank 2 Available NOW!






Introducing the Corina-Chops costume!

And the next costume for Shank 2 Survival Mode is Chops, a costume for the second playable character! Hit the jump to view her stats and grab your wallpaper.

Heal and revive your partner with her superior medic skills!




Introducing the Shank Lucha costume!

And the next costume for Shank 2 Survival Mode is Rex! Hit the jump to view his stats and grab your wallpaper.




Introducing the Shank Boogie costume!

Each costume has their own Survival Mode stat bonuses. Hit the jump to view his stats and grab your wallpaper size!