Humble Indie Bundle 4 now includes the full Official Soundtrack for every bundled game, which of course includes the Shank 1 OST!

That’s 5 games for whatever you want, helps charity, and includes 7 game soundtracks. Seriously, even if Shank wasn’t a part of the bundle, it’s a killer deal!

UPDATE: We’ve now also posted the lossless FLAC version that you can download for free!

Also, Ryan is working hard to fix issues on the new platforms that we’ve launched on. Note that he’s also working on Super Meat Boy and other HIB ports, so please be patient — he’s only (super) human. Hit the jump for some updates on known issues that we’re looking into.

If you have more issues, please let us know by emailing us at support AT, tweeting us, or posting below, with your system specs and any other information that could help use narrow down the issue. Thanks again for supporting the bundle! It means a lot to us.


  • On the first boss, the game slows down significantly on some systems. Currently this is the only known portion of the game that slows down.
  • On the Xbox controller, the right bumper maps to the Escape key, bringing up the pause menu.
  • Some users have been reporting a crash on load, and their specs have been passed on for investigation.
  • Some users have reported that, with a controller plugged in, Shank continually runs to the left.


  • On some configurations, the game crashes on load. We will try to fix as many of these as possible, but please note that Ryan will not be able to handle every configuration.


  • Certain laptops run in refresh rates that are not supported by Shank (61hz seems especially bad). We can give another executable that forces the game to run in windowed mode, and this seems to work around the majority (but not all) of the users.
  • Some users were getting “Error contacting key server” on Steam — this has since been resolved.