Get Shank 1 for Whatever You Want



Humble Indie Bundle does it again, this time with Shank, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Nightsky and Jamestown — all for WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Every game is DRM-free, cross-platform on PC, Mac and Linux, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross. And if you pay above the average, you get two additional games: Gratuitous Space Battles, and Cave Story+!

That’s a crazy damn good bundle. So what are you waiting for? Go buy Humble Indie Bundle 4 and enjoy your 7 awesome indie games!

Update: thanks for all the comments below! We are currently tracking a number of issues and Ryan is looking into them. I’ve been in constant contact with him and will continue to post details as we hear them. Thanks for all your patience as we iron out the details for our ports to the new platforms!

Shank 2 Theme Song



In celebration of reaching TEN THOUSAND likes on Facebook, we’ve released the new Shank 2 Theme Song! Shank’s soundtrack has always been a huge part of the game, and once again our composers Jason Garner and Vince DeVera just killed it.

Here’s the download link for the theme song: Shank 2 Theme

You can also listen to the entire Shank 1 soundtrack from Vince and Jason’s Soundcloud account below.

Shank – Original Video Game Soundtrack by Suite803

Game Developer Charity Auction



Over the course of October and September, 1Up contacted developers to provide sketches for auction, the proceeds which go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. It’s got some fantastic artists in there, including Junction Point drawing Disney characters, Capybara with a whole host of awesome fan art, and our very own Jeff Agala drawing Shank and Corina. Go check it out!

Here’s the link to the 1UP Charity Sketch Auction

Hit the jump for the pieces that Jeff provided.


The Making of the Shank 2 Papercraft


Shank 2 Papercraft


Hey all! Jeff here, this is a behind the scenes look on how I made the Shank 2 Papercraft.

It all started with a sketch, a really rough one at that. I drew Shank cartoonier than usual, more in line with a vinyl toy.

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Animator of the Year for Shank



Congratulations to Aaron Bouthillier, who was just named Animator of the Year at the Canadian Game Development Awards! Along with Aaron, Jeff Agala was also nominated Visual Artist of the year — we’re super proud of both of them! Check out Jeff and Aaron’s blogspots for more of their work.

Sword & Sworcery: EP’s Craig Adams (aka Superbrothers) ended up taking the Visual Artist award, which we are also super happy about. They are certainly deserving, and if you haven’t tried S&S:EP, you really should!

Look out for Aaron’s work on Shank 2 early next year. Hit the jump to see the award in all its fine glory.

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Shank Horror Costume



Happy Halloween! Here’s the Horror costume that will be available in Shank 2. Hit the jump for more wallpapers fit for the season.

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Shank 2 Papercraft



In between finishing the game and doing our roadshow, Jeff found time to design a papercraft Shank model. It includes mouth opening action, though the hand to power the mouth is not included. Scroll down to the bottom to download the highres image that you can print and make your own with.

If you’re hardcore, you can do what we did: we ended up taking the image to a professional print shop with high gloss thick paper stock and digital scoring.

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On the road



Over the last few weeks, we’ve been demo’ing Shank 2 and getting as much feedback as possible in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, and next week at EA’s Europe Showcase! Destructoid did an awesome preview, Kotaku talked about the risks we took as an indie, OXM gave us some fantastic lovin’, and I also recently discussed the game in a blog post on the Playstation Blog.

I think my favorite quote is from OXM, which gave the original Shank an Editor’s Choice award:

“Welcome back, Shank, we missed you.”

That pretty much sums it up.

Shank is back!



After a year of production, we’re finally able to announce… Shank 2! As some of you may know, our team at Klei risked everything to build Shank 1. We threw our life savings and risked our mortages in the project, and to say that we’re happy that you supported us in our endeavor is an amazing understatement.

Shank 2 is the best thing that Klei has done to date: we didn’t want to just “build more Shank”, we redesigned all the underlying systems to give you twice the fidelity and far more control over our favorite stabbing man.

So: welcome to the redesigned, brand new Shank blog! As per usual, we’re going to be updating this place with information about the game right up to and beyond the release of the game.

To get you started: Go to the media page to see the official trailer and screenshots.

Leave us a comment on this post, or follow us on twitter. Oh, we also have a facebook page. Pick your poison :)

The Shank blog lives



Welcome to the official, redesigned Shank blog! The old one was getting dusty, and was always meant to be temporary, so we gave it an overhaul.

This one is far more Shanky.