Update: there is an interim, not final build for the graphics and performance bugs available here. In particular, the Macs and lower end Linux systems should see significant speed improvements. Once the other bugs are resolved, we will do an official new build push. Let us know how it goes for you!

Happy New Year, folks!

Our awesome Linux and Mac porter Ryan Gordon has released as open source some tools that he created during the port of Shank to Linux / OSX. Every Humble Indie Bundle, the good folks try and release some open source material, and this time around Shank needed some heavy work, and we’re happy that it could someday help others, too. Take a look here to get a nice libtheora integration as well as an updated version of MojoShader.

I also got an update from Ryan that, although he’s still up to his neck in work, he’s going to try and carve out time this week to fix the remaining issues on the OSX / Linux ports. Sorry about the wait, folks! It’s a bit out of my control but I’ll keep following up and posting here as I hear more.