After a year of production, we’re finally able to announce… Shank 2! As some of you may know, our team at Klei risked everything to build Shank 1. We threw our life savings and risked our mortages in the project, and to say that we’re happy that you supported us in our endeavor is an amazing understatement.

Shank 2 is the best thing that Klei has done to date: we didn’t want to just “build more Shank”, we redesigned all the underlying systems to give you twice the fidelity and far more control over our favorite stabbing man.

So: welcome to the redesigned, brand new Shank blog! As per usual, we’re going to be updating this place with information about the game right up to and beyond the release of the game.

To get you started: Go to the media page to see the official trailer and screenshots.

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