Hey all! Jeff here, this is a behind the scenes look on how I made the Shank 2 Papercraft.

It all started with a sketch, a really rough one at that. I drew Shank cartoonier than usual, more in line with a vinyl toy.

Shank 2 Papercraft sketch Shank 2 Papercraft Flash art

I jumped into Flash to make the digital design.  This was my first time making a papercraft and I didn’t have any templates to work off.   I just started making it up as I went.  It brought me back to art & crafts time in grade school.


I had to check if my design even worked, so I printed black and white version on our office copier and started to cut it out.

Shank 2 Papercraft rough print out Shank 2 Papercraft first try

It worked, so I printed a full colour version on photo paper.

Shank 2 Papercraft photo paper Shank 2 Papercraft first pass

Photo paper worked a lot better than plane paper but it just wasn’t right yet.  I wanted Shank to look more aggressive so I jumped back into Flash and changed his face.

Shank 2 Papercraft face change

I made him angrier and gave him a posable mouth.

Shank 2 Papercraft final Shank 2 Papercraft and Jeff

That’s it, here is the final product.  I had a lot of fun making it, I think I’m going to make more.



Here’s the link to the final, high resolution version: Download this image, print, and have fun!

Shank 2 Papercraft